About Us

UNICO, Delivering it to you!

By leveraging the logistics industry, we focus strongly on our employees because they are the true key asset in our company. As of 2010, our team has grown with a team of dedicated employees who are experts in their own disciplines that covers our business areas. UNICO faces any upcoming challenges with the support of a strong, informal yet professional management team that are committed to honest interactions, wise evaluations and transparency. We have the right to expertise to provide you a competitive advantage in your business and take this as the driving force of UNICO to secure continuous growth with a passion to succeed.


To provide our customers & our worldwide agents with quality, value for money services. In a way that constantly exceeds their expectations.


To be a logistics company that provides reliable and profit making company which we believe in deep collaboration with our trusted partners in total logistics solution.

Core Values

We, Unico focus on integrity in all that we do and among all our relationships including employees, customers and vendors where we earn respect, trust and appreciation from all who we serve and we’re committed to continuous process of improvement ensuring clients’ satisfaction in every single interaction.